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Wholesale order - individual valuation

Wholesale order - individual valuation.

Here you can place a wholesale order priced individually according to the quantity you order. Filled out the form and wait for our contact with confirmation of the order.

Overview of filling in the form:

  1. Name and surname - here he gives his personal data
  2. Company name - enter the full name of your company
  3. NIP - enter your company's NIP (tax identification number)
  4. Your phone number - enter the phone number to contact you
  5. Your e-mail address - enter your e-mail address to contact you
  6. Your order - enter everything you want to order here, you can copy the link with a given product and paste it, you can copy the title of the offer and also paste it in this textbox.


After correctly filling in and sending the form, the following message will appear:

"Your order has been sent to us - please wait for contact from us."

According to the message, we now ask you to wait for our contact.


If you have additional questions, please contact us via phone: 508 194 597 via e-mail:

Wholesale order
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